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Hotel's Location: "Delfini Beach" hotel is located at a distance of 1 km from the center of Rethymno Town, on Crete island.
Rethymno Town is built on the north coast of Crete island, between the neighbouring prefectures of Hania and Heraklio. It is an old town, baring a long history of arts, which is made evident through its many historical monuments.

Rethymno saw its first settlers during the last period of the Minoan Era, while during the 4th and 5th ceturies BC came the first fall.
The town owes its existence to its small natural harbor, which was developed by the Venetians and has remained the same ever since. The pirate raids during the 16th century forced the locals to build the Fortezza fortress, where later in 1646, the guards of the city along with some inhabitants negotiated the surrender of Rethymno.

In 1941, the prefecture of Rethymno was one of the three fronts where the German forces attacked. When the conquerors left, the town was in a very bad state. But as the years went by, it got back to its original style.

Rethymno Port & Town - Crete Island GreeceRethymno Port & Town - Crete Island Greece

Today, Rethymno Town is one of the most interesting places in the Mediterranean, and a first-class holiday resort, as it ideally combines unique elements such as venetian castles, mansions, churches and mosques, all offering the impression that we have been transported back to the Middle Ages. A modern infrastructure, vast shores and blue waters also add to the area's appeal.

However, the biggest draw of Rethymno, as well as of the entire island, is its people. People with souls untouched by the modern way of living, young and older ones, trying to maintain the Cretan culture, customs and the well-known hospitality.

Every summer, tourists from all over the world visit the town, enjoy the summer at its magnificent beaches, and enjoy the warmth that the city unsparingly offers.

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