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Built in 1886, right on the beach, the hotel was initially the summer residence for the Rethymno Turkish lord, Alpan Passah. During early 20th century, it was converted into a Girls' School, while after the war it was turned into a Sardine Factory, since it was located right on the seashore. Finally, in 1985 and after several years of abandonment, it became the Delfini Beach Hotel.
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Delfini Beach Hotel
89 Stamathioudakis Str, 74100,
Rethymnon, Crete Island, Greece

The hotel was named Delfini Beach during the building renovation in 1999.

Location: 1 km from the centre of Rethymno Town, Crete Island.
Operation: All year round
Features/Characteristics: Build on the beach. It boasts panoramic views of the venetian castle 'Fortezza'.
It provides a wonderful private beach so you can soak up the sun and enjoy the sea, while sipping on your preferred cool beverage.
Unique culinary delicacies can be relished at its interior restaurant & bar, and during the summer at the tavern, which is literally located right on the beach.